Age in the Age of Wikipedia

It started, as most good things do, with an episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” Watching Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the ex-Seinfeld star, carry her own show and thinking “she looks good” I began to wonder, how old is she?

So I checked on Wikipedia

Which is kinda old to be that hot.

Which got me thinking, should I be able to find that out so easily? Do I really want to know? What does age mean in the age of Wikipedia?

Age for actresses used to be a closely guarded secret. Sure people knew your age when you started out as a starlet, but once you disapeared into the repetitive birthdays of 20’s and 30’s people lost track. To the public you were ageless, there was no particular number attached in anyone’s mind but perhaps your family.

But Julia Louis-Dreyfus is 48.

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  1. ZvS

    Diane Lane is super-hot, but she’s only 44, so I guess that’s OK. I actually thought she was over 50, oh well.

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