Dear Cell Phone Companies: Why Haven’t You Thought of This Yet?

There needs to be a “text phone number” option from your phone book’s main screen. I can’t count how many times now somebody has said “can you text me his number,” and I groan as I end the phone call, scroll to the number in my phone, grab a pen and paper, write down the number, scroll to the other person I have to text it to and and then retype the number into a text. It’s ridiculous that there is no better way to do this.

Also there should be the option of having a tabbed phone book (moving tab to tab with the left and right arrows) for categories of numbers like “Work” “Boston Friends” “Home Friends” since the set of numbers you are likely to use at one point in time (i.e. on a trip home) is far fewer than the total set of phone numbers. This would make phone book browsing much more efficient, both enabling you to visually represent the set of people you are likely to call and reducing the possibility that you’ll accidentally dial a coworker on a Saturday night. I know someone will comment and say that most phones already have a “groups” feature but have you ever seen a functional one that anyone has used to effectively browse and manage contacts? No, because even if you categorize every number your phone book is still sorted on one master list.

Just my contribution to humanity, using my pulpit here at the influential third most influential blog in North America for the good of all mankind. I don’t even mind not getting credit, just so long as the next OS on my phone has this stuff. You’re welcome Verizon.

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One response to “Dear Cell Phone Companies: Why Haven’t You Thought of This Yet?

  1. ZvS

    Hm… I like your blog’s increasing relevance. Anyway they have a Linux phone now so you can just write your own shit. If you have $400 to waste on a Linux phone, I mean.

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